Longitudinal Community Health Advocacy Medical Partnership (LCHAMP)


This longitudinal course is designed for students who wish to have sustained early clinical experience throughout their pre-clerkship years. The Longitudinal Community Health Advocacy Medical Partnership (L-CHAMP) will enhance and expand authentic community-based clinical experiences for medical students across all four years of their medical education at Stanford.


L-CHAMP consists of four (4) components: 1) Health Coaching/Clinical Skills Development, (2) Service-Learning, (3) Pre-clerkship education integration, and (4) Community-based clerkship integration. The course will initiate with a one -hour intensive health coaching training sessions, quarterly skill-based sessions, such as motivational interviewing, medication reconciliation, and leadership, as well as monthly seminars on topics, including health coaching integration, service projects, and patient-centered care, etc.  L-CHAMP is part of the SHIELD program, a collaborative effort between Center for Education and Research in Family and Community Medicine and the Office of Community Health. The SHIELD program’s mission is to design, test, and disseminate innovative programs that advance “value added medical education” – powerful early experiential learning experiences from the first year of medical school that 1. Add value to patient care, 2. Supplement traditional intramural medical education, 3. Provide medical students with opportunities for significant service to patients and communities, and 4. Enable them to obtain a foundation of practical experience and leadership training in a community setting.

Community-Based Sites for L-CHAMP Program

·         VA -Palo Alto

·         Fair Oaks Community Health Center-Redwood City

·         MayView Community Health Center—Mountain View and Palo Alto

·         Valley Health Center, Milpitas